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President’s Welcome Message

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Cyprus Association of Pharmaceutical Companies website.

The purpose of our website is the daily contact with our members and citizens in general, a bridge of communication that aims to correctly inform our society on developments in the field of medicine directly and responsibly. The Association’s long-standing goal is to promote the interests of pharmaceutical companies, patients, the state and public health.

Ensuring and further strengthening the right of all Cypriot patients to equal and unhindered access to high specification products and therapies is of the utmost importance to our Association.

Cypriot patients should fully benefit from the development of new innovative drugs and within the framework of our Associations competence, initiatives are being developed to create the conditions and infrastructure that will allow us to deliver to patients unhindered access to medicines needed to address current and future health challenges. Any funding for the appropriate pharmaceutical treatment should be considered an investment and not a cost, when this concerns the health of the population. The use of the appropriate medication has the ability to alter decisively the outcome of a condition, to prevent hospitalization, to ensure faster recovery and as a result to release resources from other sectors of the system.

We support the progressive increase of low-cost therapies (off-patent and generic) in order to save resources to compensate for new innovative health technologies that will undoubtedly offer better prospects for chronic patients.

Also, an important goal is to provide all health care professionals with reliable information regarding new progress made in research and development in the key field of pharmaceuticals because evidence-based medicine offers value and benefit to the management of public health.